Kimber Kira

First Impressions

There´s a picture of Kimber Kira at the top of her tour page that shows her wearing cute little cat ears and cuffs. It looks like it´s part of a cute kitty outfit and seeing that leaves me awfully excited for what might lie inside. There´s the usual stuff about her being an exhibitionist and this is her first time online and all that but it´s really the pictures that are getting me going. They look terrific and she´s genuinely beautiful with a wicked tight body that should be an absolute pleasure to see fully nude.

Hot Promises

There are three promises at the top of the page: weekly updates, exclusive pictures and high quality videos. Since every site promises that those aren´t very useful. However, there´s plenty of useful stuff in the picture previews Kimber offers. There´s a sexy teaser video you can download as long as you have an FLV player. What I know from seeing the pictures is that Kimber gets fully naked on her site. I also know that she has a wicked hot body I´m going to want to see a whole lot more of.


I like how simple the member´s area is. There are six teasing pictures from her photo galleries and four teasing pictures from her movies. Along the top of the page you´ll find links to the picture and video sections and you can find the support page as well in case you need to cancel your membership or get help with something. The picture galleries aren´t dated, which seems a little worrisome. The videos are dated and it´s worrisome that they haven´t added anything new since October 2008, which was when the site launched.

Let´s worry about the videos a little later though. Kimber Kira is a tasty treat with hot picture galleries for our pleasure. They´re organized by the month they were added with each month having its own page. Things started back in October 2008 when Kimber added 15 hot galleries. The set where she´s in the naughty kitty outfit is the fourth one ever added and it´s totally hot. Like all the other galleries the pictures display at 1280px and Kimber looks amazing in them. It´s basically a black teddy with blue satin trim but there are anklets and wrist cuffs to go along with the ears and choker that make this one of the sexiest lingerie sets I´ve seen in recent months. The fact that Kimber´s wearing it also helps quite a bit.

I´ve espoused on it already but Kimber Kira has an amazing body. She´s exceptionally slim and tight all around, making her the kind of girl it´s fun to roll in the hay with. I can just imagine how good it would feel to wrap my arms around her stomach and feel that tightness. Then they slide up to her tits and grope a little more. Her pussy is the last destination for those hands of mine and while she doesn´t flash it in every gallery she has no problem giving us a great view of her box. She´s not a prude, that´s for sure.

A solo babe like Kimber has her body and her outfits to entertain us. She doesn´t play with toys or masturbate in the galleries so it´s pretty much what she´s wearing and how hot she looks without clothes. Because of that it´s important for her to have a wide selection of outfits. If she wore the same sort of thing every time (if it was a non-stop stream of cute tank tops and denim shorts for instance) the site would get kind of boring. That´s why I´m happy to report that Kimber mixes it up. She has the cute tank tops and denim shorts but she also has sexy lingerie, a few costumes, slutty dresses and her naughty naked body. In her 45 galleries she tries to give you something different each time.

Up to this point Kimber has been updating once a week so that should continue. That´s not really enough though. You get one picture gallery a week, no videos and no bonus content. You´re asked to pay $34.95 for that and it´s too much. It´s certainly worth visiting the site for a month because there´s some hot stuff here but I can´t imagine sticking around much longer after that. I can´t believe they don´t give any bonus content, especially since the company behind Kimber´s site runs several dozen others they could easily give you access to.

Unless you look at the very bottom of the tour page you probably don´t know that Kimber Kira does hardcore content. Most of the site is solo stuff but there are a few dick sucking and fucking sets snuck in there. I´m surprised they don´t make it a bigger part of the pitch. Usually guys like to see such innocent and sweet looking girls get all slutty on camera. Kira has half a dozen hardcore galleries, including several with group action. There´s a nice set where her and another chick give a POV blowjob to a lucky man. There´s also a foursome where the same guy gets to fuck three chicks and we see some amazing views. The doggy style screwing is best.

Kira has only produced four videos and since they haven´t been updated since launch we can assume she doesn´t have any others in the pipeline. In that hardcore video her teen pussy is getting fucked by a big dick while another chick is next to her watching. It´s a delicious fuck clip, although it ends before the cumshot, which is really annoying. The others are softcore scenes, including two where she fingers her pussy pretty deeply. It makes me wonder why they didn´t have more of that kind of stuff in the picture galleries. The flaw with the videos is that they only offer one small screenshot from each and there are no descriptions. You have almost no information about the scene before downloading, which never fails to be frustrating. They look good though, at 856x480 and 4500kbps.

Croco´s Opinion

Kimber Kira is a great looking girl with a fantastically tight body. Her site is home to 45 picture galleries and 4 videos and it´s updated once a week with a new gallery. It´s not nearly big enough to keep you around for a long time but it´s definitely hot enough to keep you interested for a month or two. Kimber likes to pose in lingerie, cute teen outfits, slutty dresses and even a few costumes. She also likes to suck cock and get fucked so in a few of her sets you´ll get to see that very thing go down. There´s one hardcore video in the bunch and two others where she finger fucks her hot hole. The content is very good, there just isn´t very much of it and they don´t do any bonus sites. If they ever added those this would be a must buy. Right now it´s a must try, which means dip your toes in for a little while to check her out and save the zip files of her galleries.


Everything is easy to browse but they fail to offer information on the videos outside of one little screenshot.

Pricing Policy

It´s $34.95/month and $69.95 for 90 days.

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